Introduction - What is this?

Welcome to the insider-hompage of the Wanderer!
The purpose of this site is to make the concept and the progress visible to everybody who is involved in this project. (note: not to the public!)
The Voyage of the Wander is a hobby-based project about creating an RPG game (Role Play Game) for the Amiga platform. I (Thilo Koehler) am carrying this idea around now for decades, actually since I played "The Feary Tale Adventure" on my A500 back in 1989.

This game is motivated by creating something unique, prooving that a game that is nicely designed in all its details is still possible on the Amiga, done by a bunch of idealists rather than a huge team of professionals.
I personally regard a computer game like this a piece of universal art, that covers all disciplines, first design, then painting, music, story telling and of course the art of coding.
It is not motivated by making money, even though I wouldn't say no to some extra pocket money. Unfortunately, the Amiga market is quasi dead. On the other hand, the main effort is focused on story, graphics, music and development tools. The engine itself could be ported to other platforms some day, such as Windows.
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