Player Characters Description

Wanderer (DE: der Wanderer)
The Hero.

Jingling (DE: der Jüngling)
The Hero.
The Known World - Generic Characters Description

Rancor (DE: die Ranküne, der Groll)
Kept imprisoned as a pet in the Kings Castle, this very strong deamon is rarely seen in the wild nature.

Earth Elemental (DE: der Erdelementar)
The earth elemental is not really a living thing. It is a spontaneous occurance of evil energy that forms a 'thing' out of earth, rocks and sand.

Giant Spider (DE: die Rießenspinne)
A giant spider species that lives in the Everwoods. If killed, the legs can be used to brew magic potions.

Baby Spider (DE: die Baby Spinne)
Baby spiders appear in groups. They are not very dangerous, but usually there is their mom around (who gets very angry if the little ones are killed)!

Orc (DE: der Ork)
An Orc (Dark Elb). Semi intelligent creature, equipped with weapons.

Komora (DE: der Komoran)
The komora lives in deserted areas of the Known World. It is a peaceful being, and can serve as food during long journeys. But unlike the guinea pig, it can get aggressive when attacked.

Ztuurmk (DE: das Ztuurmk)
A dragon. This 3D model looks a bit too comic style. It will probably not be used.

Mock (DE: der Mock)
A small and quick dragon.

Wyrm (DE: der Wyrm)
A worm. Can be eaten and remains can be used for magic potions.

Lost Soul (DE: die Verirrte Seele)
Rarely seen creature. It is completely immune against physical power, and can be only be threatened by magic. It sucks the life energy of its opponents.

Wolf (DE: der Wolf)
A wolf. Not a very strong enemy on its own, but dangrous in groups. Unlike other non-intelligent enemies, they keep in safe distance to the opponent until the right moment to attack.

Guinea Pig (DE: das Meerschweinchen)
Spread all over green areas of the Known World, the guinea pig is not a real enemy. It is absolutely harmless and serves manly as food during long journeys. It is absolutely prohibited to kill guinea pigs for fun.

Dragon (DE: der Drachen)
A dragon.

Skeleton (DE: das Skelett)
Undead skeletons are intelligent enemies mosrtly equipped with weapons.

Dragonfly (DE: die Lybelle)
Not easy to catch. Attacks quickly with poison string.

Bear (DE: der Bär)
A bear.

Robber (DE: der Räuber)

Outlaw (DE: der Gesetzlose)

Thief (DE: der Dieb)

Wild Human (DE: der Wilde)

Human Citizen (DE: der Bürger)

Elve Citizen (DE: der Bürger)

Royal Guard (DE: die königliche Garde)
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